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P U U R  M A M A


TELEFOON: 06-30372251

Private pregnancy course in English

Does one-on-one guidance (in the studio or online) appeal to you more? Then this is the right choice for you.

It is possible to take a one-one-one pregnancy course in English. 

The content of the course  is completely adapted to your personal wishes. There is room for conversation, sharing knowledge and exercises. We work with a gentle form of therapeutic yoga that is very suitable for the pregnant body. You will also receive (if desired) all information regarding pregnancy and birth that is also provided during the regular course.


In addition to the fact that some women just find it more pleasant, private guidance is extremely suitable if you are dealing with, for example, a lot of stress, (great) fear of childbirth, vaginismus, and therefore want specific guidance.


Lessons take place by appointment.

A private course consists of 3 lessons of 2 hours. You pay € 399,- for this. Tralvelcosts are € 0,29 ct per kilometer.

"I want to thank you again very much for the wonderful pregnancy course!


Now that the delivery is over, I only know what it helped me.


I can tell you that my delivery really was a dream come true



I experienced everything very consciously and was even able to enjoy it. "



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